SBL_ImportRecvBufReq initiates import of a receive buffer.


error = SBL_ImportRecvBufReq(NodeID node, SBL_Squid squid, unsigned int rbufid, Int32** proxyBuf, int* nwords, int reserved)


IN NodeID node: address of a node on which receive buffer has been exported.

IN SBL_Squid squid: process which exported this receive buffer.

IN unsigned int rbufid: receive buffer id.

(delayed)OUT Int32** proxyBuf: local address in DestSpace which corresponds to imported receive buffer.

(delayed)OUT int* nwords: size of the imported buffer in SHRIMP words.

IN int reserved: reserved for extensions, should be set to zero.


SBL_ImportRecvBufReq initiates an import of a receive buffer which has been exported by process squid executing on node node.

Unlike SBL_ImportRecvBuf, this call returns immediately without blocking waiting for import to complete. On return, nwords is set to zero. Later, when import is completed successfully, both nwords and proxyBuf are set in the same way as by SBL_ImportRecvBuf. If import cannot be completed, negative error code is returned on nwords.

Return Values:

SBL_ImportRecvBufReq returns 0 on success or negative error code on failure. nwords is set to zero on return. Later, nwords is set to indicate the status of import request completion: negative means an error, positive denotes the size of the (successfully) imported buffer.
Copyright (c) 1995, Princeton University