SBL_ImportRecvBuf imports receive buffer.


error = SBL_ImportRecvBuf(NodeID node, SBL_Squid squid, unsigned int rbufid, Int32** proxyBuf, int* nwords)


IN NodeID node: address of a node on which receive buffer has been exported.

IN SBL_Squid squid: process which exported this receive buffer.

IN unsigned int rbufid: receive buffer id.

OUT Int32** proxyBuf: local address in DestSpace which corresponds to imported receive buffer.

OUT int* nwords: size of the imported buffer in SHRIMP words.


SBL_ImportRecvBuf imports a receive buffer which has been exported by process squid executing on node node. The imported receive buffer is allocated a region of destination address space between proxyBuf and (proxyBuf + SBL_WordSize()*nwords -1).

Return Values:

SBL_ImportRecvBuf returns 0 on success or negative error code on failure.
Copyright (c) 1995, Princeton University