SHRIMP-II Performance Monitor

Currently under development is a hardware based performance monitor for the Shrimp II system known as the SurfBoard (Shrimp Usage Reporting Facility).

A SurfBoard is installed in each node of a Shrimp II system and directly connects to the Shrimp Network Interface with two ribbon cables.

The SurfBoard gets a copy of every packet sent to the Shrimp Network Interface from the Paragon backplane. It extracts information about the sender, measures packet size, and computes communication latency. This information is recorded in onboard RAM and is downloaded and analyzed after an experiment has finished. This allows information to be collected while minimized the impact on the experiment itself. There are additional modes of operation which allow the information gathered to be used to immediately and therefore become an integral part of a load balancing system, for example.

Last Updated : March 22, 1999