SBL_ExportRecvBuf exports a receive buffer.


error = SBL_ExportRecvBuf(Int32 *buf, int nwords, unsigned int rbufid, SBL_MsgHandler handler, int reserved)


IN Int32 *buf: address of the receive buffer.

IN int nwords: size of the receive buffer in SHRIMP words.

IN unsigned int rbufid: receive buffer id.

IN SBL_MsgHandler handler: notification handler. User-level function or NULL, if no handler.

IN int reserved: reserved for extensions, should be set to zero.


SBL_ExportRecvBuf exports a receive buffer for importing by senders. Note that this call DOES NOT allocate any memory: buf must point to memory that is already allocated. If there is no memory allocated to back buf, page faults may occur.

A newly created receive buffer is identified with rbufid, and occupies memory between buf and (buf + SBL_WordSize()*nwords - 1).

buf should be SHRIMP word aligned.

Receive buffers cannot overlap.

Return Values:

SBL_ExportRecvBuf returns 0 on success or negative error code on failure.
Copyright (c) 1995, Princeton University