SBL_AUMap creates a mapping for automatic update.


error = SBL_AUMap(Int32* sendBuf, Int32* proxyBuf, int nwords, int notify, enum SBL_AUWriteType writeType)


IN Int32 *sendBuf: (page aligned) address of the send buffer.

IN Int32* proxyBuf: (page aligned) address in local DestSpacecorresponding to imported receive buffer.

IN int nwords: number of words to be mapped.

IN int notify: non-zero notify means each write to mapped region will generate message with notification.

IN enum SBL_AuWriteType writeType: denotes which hardware combining mode to use for this mapping.


SBL_AUMap creates an automatic update mapping, from a local memory region starting at sendBuf and npages pages in length, to a remote memory region of the same size represented by the proxy at proxyBuf. Arrival of each word at the destination will cause a notification if notify is nonzero.

Valid values for writeType are AU_Disable, AU_SingleWrite, AU_BlockWrite, and AU_TimerWrite. AU_TimerWrite is recommended for general use.

Return Values:

SBL_AUMap returns 0 on success or negative error code on failure. Page faults are possible if sendAddr or destAddr do not correspond to valid addresses.
Copyright (c) 1995, Princeton University